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Dovecote restoration work supported by English Heritage and Wealden District Council

West Dean Farm Tours

West Dean Dovecote is the best preserved part of the old farm buildings which date from the Medieval era. The Tour starts in the Ox Yard and its surrounding barns  Some geology as well as the history of the manor ownership start the tour before setting off into the ruins of the original West Dean House from 1597.  A secret view of the Village from the Elizabethan terrace points out the original farm buildings and looks at the Orchard and Christmas Tree plantations.  The terrace site and Jacobean Pavilion ruins are now open to tours

The conservation project for the Dovecote led by English Heritage and with the support of Wealden District Council and the Mitford Foulerton Trust was completed in 2009.   During the archaeological evaluation of the site a Neolithic work pit was discovered which probably dates the settlement back to 2700BC.  The tour ends in the Information Centre with Neolithic hand tools, Oak and tile used in the conservation, stone recovered during the excavation and a detailed tenement analysis since AD899.  The tour is available for Groups or Parties of between 12 and 30 people with parking on site.  The tour takes about an hour to two hours depending upon the level of detail needed. Tour price is £4.50 for 2015/6 with all funds going to the maintenance and upkeep of the dovecote.   
OPEN DAY DATES       For 2016 are two weekends. 
Our Heritage Open Days Weekend with the Dovecote, Nags' Barn as well as the ruined Jacobean Pavilion and Old Manor House all open on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September 2015.  Free Parking opposite the Church.       10-4pm. Tea and Cakes Barn and Food and Craft Market in Nag's Barn
Our Advent Market with Christmas trees and Holly is on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December 2016 with Tea and Cakes Barn this year.  Free parking opposite the Church. Food and Crafts Market in Nag's Barn.
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