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Farm Produce

Pure Apple Juice:

Our own blend of Worcester Permain, Cox's Orange, Charles Ross and Bramley Seedling Apples makes a full flavoured medium dry juice.  There are no additives or sugar other than a small quantity of Vitamin C as a preservative.  Apple Juice £3.50 a litre. Pear and Apple Juice at £3.50. Because of the weight we cannot use carriers to deliver unless in Eastbourne or the Cuckmere Valley where we, ourselves, deliver free.

Christmas Trees:

We grow Norway Spruce up to 18' and Nordmann Fir up to 7' in our lower field.  The fir are available pot grown and will last for many years with a week or two inside over Christmas and then in the garden for the rest of the year.  These are the non-drop leaves variety. The Spruce (traditional christmas tree) are available from the field with or without their roots, and will last for several weeks without shedding.

Mulberry Jams:

The ancient Mulberry tree still produces many kilograms of fruit despite falling over in the winter floods of 2001.  We produce Mulberry Jam with our other fruits such as Raspberry and Woodland Strawberry and other jams such as Damson.  If we have a warm dry Spring we can make a White Cherry Jam which is wonderfully fragrant but unfortunately rare!


Apple, Pear and Quince Chutney is a favourite especially with cold meats and cheese.  No garlic, additives or other fruits and vegetable are added to the chutney.  The Fig, Apple and Quince with Chilli is new this year and has sold very well.  We are bringing on more Fig and Quince trees as the taste in chutney is superb.

Herbs and Lavender are part of scene here especially in the physic garden by the Dovecote.